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Fox Valley Paint is the national leader in durable, reusable parking lot stencils for pavement or athletic field marking. Get pro-grade stencils, paints and products to create clean, long-lasting edges, images and messages on concrete, asphalt and pavement.

Simply lay stencils on the surface, apply paint and peel off stencils for clear, crisp results. Save time and money. Most orders are shipped same-day or next-day.

Stencils include:
• One-Way, No Parking and Visitor parking stencils
• Customizable large letter stencils
• All sizes of arrows and directional markings
• Handicapped parking stencil

Our stencils and paints are perfect for painting:
• Parking lots
• Driveways
• Warehouse floors
• Walls

Shop our huge selection of paint applicators and accessories now. Buy your all-inclusive line striping starter kits with everything you need to paint your own parking lot or athletic field starting at just $169!

Welcome to Fox Valley Paint

Fox Valley Paint is the inventor of the inverted aerosol can for all ground and utility marking applications. Born out of Cary, Illinois, we are the worldwide manufacturing leader for athletic field marking paint, traffic marking paints, parking lot marking paint, utility marking paint, and timber and veneer marking tree […]

SDS Data Sheets

SDS Sheets (Safety Data Sheets) Super Stripe Athletic SSAY2SD - Yellow SSASR2SD - Red SSABE2SD - Blue SSAW3SD - White SSA02SD - Hot Orange Super Stripe Traffic TBK2SD - Black TBE2SD - Dark Handicap Blue TYU2SD - Yellow TCW2SD - White TSY2SD - Yellow/Green Super Supreme Traffic STBE2SD - Dark Handicap Blue […]


How to get proper use out of a Fox Valley aerosol paint can Shake the can until ball rattles EASILY inside the can. Then shake it 30 seconds more. If you do not use the whole can, you must "clear" the nozzle by holding it up right and press for […]

AWPA Utility Color Codes

APWA Utility Color Codes The American Public Works Association (APWA) recommends the following guidelines be used when marking underground utilities. Why are these colors used? Often, you will see these colors used to identify utility lines in cities and on a university campus. Sometimes city or campus utility departments will […]

About Us

Fox Valley Systems Inc, was started by Thomas J. Smrt, from Marengo, Illinois. He was a great man. He was an inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and father of four. Despite not passing the 8th grade, he was a self-made millionaire. He served in the military and he was the inventor of […]

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